Children's Home

Since Summer 2017, the Human Welfare Committee runs a children's home in Swoyambhu, Kathmandu, Nepal. The children come from different backgrounds, they either have no parents or their parent(s) do not have the resources to take care of them. At the moment, six children are staying in the HWC's children's home. We only take in a maximum of 10 children so that we can give the children more love, care and support. 


Situation of Children in Nepal

For women and children, the situation in Nepal is particularly challenging as they are among the most vulnerable population groups in Nepal.

Especially families who are affected by poverty and/or by social inequality (for example those belonging to a marginalised group) often cannot offer their children a safe environment to grow up. Poverty is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon and besides financial and material deprivation, also leads to feelings of personal failure, indignity and social exclusion. This can result in further problems such as alcoholism, physical and mental health issues.

For children growing up in poverty, this means not only a lack of proper care, but also that they often cannot attend school or drop out again. They often have to work outside or inside the home to support the family financially. In addition, they have a greater risk of being forcibly married at a young age or becoming victims of sexual violence. For the children concerned, everyday life is marked by insecurity and the hope for a better life later on is small.

Our "Hostel Children"

The Human Welfare Committee runs its own children's home since 2017. Since then, the number of children staying with us varied. This is due to the vulnerable and insecure situation of the children and unpredictable incidents.

At the moment, six children stay with us in the children's home (which we call in everyday life “hostel”). Some of them have been staying with us since 2017, others came recently to us. All of their families are affected by poverty, and some of them do not have parents anymore. Others still have one parent or other relatives, but the relatives do not have the resources to take care of the children properly. 

In the HWC’s children's home, the children find a safe environment to grow up, to get cared for and fostered in their individual talents and needs. Besides shelter and food, they are supported with reliable caregivers and schooling. For their education, they visit a primary and secondary school nearby. In addition, we try to offer as many extra activities as our resources allow, e.g. dancing, sports, group games, arts and crafts and day trips. For this, our national and international volunteers greatly support us.

insights from the children's home