Volunteer opportunities in Nepal with children and women.

Volunteer opportunities in Nepal with children

Volunteer opportunities in Nepal with children can be a  rewarding and fulfilling experience for the volunteers, who are willing to work as an volunteer in Nepal. You'll have the opportunity to give love, care and support to children. You'll also have the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture and learn about a different way of life. Children will be your best teachers. You will learn about their culture and customs. You will develop a very special bond with the children.

Volunteer opportunities in Nepal with women

Volunteer opportunities in Nepal with women is one of the best ways to understand the Nepalese culture. As a volunteer on this programme, you'll be working with young college women and women from marginalized communities. Volunteers help women with language, skills, marketing and awareness programme. This will help them to gain new knowledge and skill of different fields. 

Why volunteer with us?

Have you always wanted to volunteer in Nepal? Have you always wanted to experience everyday life in Nepal? Have you always wanted to make a contribution in a non-governmental organization? Have you always wanted to use your personal skills to make a change? We are not a agents, We place volunteers in our own organization on reasonable fees. All of your program fees go directly to either fund your time in Nepal, including transport, food, accommodation or towards funding our organization.  If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in Nepal, please fill out the contact form below and you will be contacted by our team.

What can you expect and what do we expect from you?

While looking for volunteer opportunities in Nepal you have some expectations with us and so do we. If you volunteer in Nepal with us, you are part of our Human Welfare Committee (HWC) family. You are asked to volunteer a minimum of four hours a day. We provide two different volunteer projects for you volunteer opportunities in Nepal with Children's Home or  volunteer opportunities in Nepal with Women Empowerment programme. Each volunteer time schedule is individually tailored to his or her skills, interests and assignments. Once your schedule is established, we expect that you stick to the schedule so that we can rely on your contribution. You have two days off a week.

Volunteer Tasks in the Children's Home (will be fixed individually)

The following tasks comes under volunteer opportunities in Nepal with Children Development programme:

  • Helping children with homework
  • Helping with Sports and games
  • Helping with art & crafts 
  • Helping with Morning and evening walk
  • Helping with English songs 
  • Helping with dance
  • Helping with computer lesson
  • Helping with Menstruation care lesson
  • Helping with Environmental awareness
  • ... your own ideas!

Volunteer Tasks in the Women Empowerment programme (will be fixed individually)

The following tasks comes under volunteer opportunities in Nepal with women Development programme:
  • Helping with the handicrafts training.
  • Helping with the baking and cooking training.
  • Helping women with selling handicrafts at weekly markets.
  • Helping with awareness programme. 
  • Helping with culture exchange programs.
  • Helping with taking photos and videos.
  • Helping with editing videos.
Furthermore, you can help HWC with organization-related tasks such as marketing activities (social media maintenance, website development, finding volunteers).

Volunteer opportunities in Nepal with us can be a life changing experience for you - This is an unique way to experience everyday life with Nepali children and women and support our organization!

Learn more about volunteering with us from our past volunteers.

Maggie , china 2017,2018 september

I volunteer twice at manang pre-school. first in 2017 and second in 2018. Each time five months and still it was not enough because here people are so nice that soon you will be part of the family. I learned here so many things from children , Tenzing and his team about life including love, service, struggle and many more. what Tenzing and his team are doing is incredible. I wish Tenzing and his team success. in every step of life.

Angela boada, Spain 2017 february

My experience in HWC has been satisfactory. At the beginning I was a little lost because it was the first time I travelled alone, and in a completely different country. I needed some days to adapt myself to all the new things. Fastly, I felt very comfortable in the school. The people are very friendly and active so it was easy to have a good relationship with the people. The kids from the first day were very friendly. I could enjoy my volunteer experience in few days. At the same time I was enjoying and doing many things, learning a lot from the children and also the other volunteers. In all that time I felt I was learning. They give me many things, I grew up very much during these times. I recommend it very much. Volunteer opportunities in Nepal with HWC was one of the best thing I have ever done.

Regina Jakob, Switzerland 2019, 2023 april

"Volunteering at HWC in Nepal has been the best thing I did in ages! The time there impressed, touched and inspired me deeply. In spite the way of life, the culture and many other things are very different from the ones in my country, I almost immediately felt very welcome, comfortable and sort of at home. The whole time I felt very, very happy and just in the right place. I got so much back from children and the mothers at the school, all the people I met in this beautiful country. The kids are incredible, out of almost nothing they are doing almost everything. It impressed me deeply how mature and independent they are, even the youngest one. Compared to them, the peers in my country are real babies. Their stories are often very sad, but they beam at you, laugh very often, have no fear of contact and their hearts are wide open. But also the women impressed me. Even though their lives are definitely no picnic, they don’t surrender. I admired their courage and their ability to be happy about small things. And then Tenzing: he shows an incredible engagement for the whole project and seems to work for it all day and night. For the children he is like a father in the best and truest sense of the word. And for a volunteer he is the best host you can imagine. He showed us so many wonderful places and was always ready to answer also the silliest questions. With him, you are feeling at ease, safe and very welcome. Thank you so much for everything, Tenzing! I can only highly recommend this place to everybody, no matter of which age. Go there and you will definitely not regret it, you will never forget it and you will come back changed in some ways!"

Sofia , Spain 2018 september

"I have to say, it was an unforgettable experience. Incredibly full of many emotions, each day a different one. Upon arriving at that school / home, the first thing I saw was how well everything was clean and tidy. Inside what I noticed was the drawings and letters in English along with a schedule where you could see what everyone was doing every hour. The surprising thing is that everyone followed that schedule religiously day by day. The principal is a man very respected by the students / children in the house, the food was very good, the cook a woman’s love. The classes / rooms are very well distributed. Where the volunteers slept, spacious and clean. A house full of Harmony, love and respect. Even when my mother came to see everything with her own eyes, she was almost thrilled at how beautiful everything was. I would not hesitate to repeat the experience, or recommend it to anyone. The director is an exceptional person, with a story behind him, full of love and love for his children. A unique experience."

Maria eccel , Italy 2018 july

I thank you for making me feel part of your family, thank you for everything. Tenzing thank you for everything you do for these guys. I wish you the best and everything can go well. My dear boys and girls, it was a wonderful three weeks where i learned a lot from you. I hope i left you something too. I will never forget you and i will always carry you in my heart, hope to see you again soon, I will definitely come back…

Muriel grundbacher, switzerland 2017 december

I had a wonderful time in Human welfare committee (HWC) in Kathmandu. The children are very lovely, mature and will inspire you a lot. HWC is a great organization that has already helped so many children and will soon feel like a second home if you volunteer here. Nepal is a beautiful country with an interesting culture. Ask Tenzing if you want to do a trip to another city or the Mountains, he is always ready to help you “

Nicoletta , Italy 2023 march

"I did this volunteering experience in HWC and for me it was a life changing experience. Children are amazing and the other volunteers just awesome. I felt like being in a family from the first day. Really recommend this Organization - Tenzing the founder is a very professional person and it was a pleasure for me sharing those days together with them."

kristina , germany 2019 november

I worked as an volunteer in Human welfare committee this November and I really enjoyed the time. The children, the teachers and the founder Tenzing were very nice. I worked there for 4 weeks with children development program. I definitely recommend this place to other volunteers.

Anna g.c. spain 2018 january

I had the opportunity to volunteer at the H.W.C. and I have to say this was very touching / Life changing experience. I had visited some orphanages before arriving to HWC. and I have to say that Tenzing is really meaning to do something for the kids. He really cares for the children ta have an education, nutrition and better opportunities within a safe environment where the children feel loved and they truly are. Now that the project is evolving to facing the challenge of empowering women, I have no doubt they will do their best to succeed in helping mother gain their own resources to support their families. I wish best to them.

Steph walsh, australia 2018 march

Volunteering at Human welfare committee has been a life changing experience. The children are so full of love and life and extremely mature for their ages. Everyone is extremely welcoming and it won’t be long before you are feeling like part of the family. What Tenzing and the team at HWC are doing is beyond incredible and very inspirational. They are really changing lives of these children and have big goals to continue to help more and more in the future. I urge anyone with the time or resources to get involved and be a part of something magical”


2 weeks

USD 200

4 weeks

USD 350

6 weeks

USD 550

8 weeks

USD 700

10 weeks

USD 800

12 weeks

USD 900

4 months

USD 1100

5 months

USD 1250

Volunteer fees include:
  • Administration fees
  • Accommodation 
  • 3 meals a day
  • Airport pickup
  • Handicrafts training
  • Nepali cooking class

FAQs About Volunteering opportunities in Nepal

1. What types of volunteer opportunities are available in Nepal?
Nepal offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities, including education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and more.

2. Do I need specific qualifications to volunteer in Nepal?
Talking about specific qualifications, it may be required for some projects only, many programs welcome volunteers with a willingness to learn and contribute.

3. How long is the typical volunteer commitment in Nepal?
The duration varies by program, but most volunteer opportunities range from a few weeks to several months.

4. Is it safe to volunteer in Nepal?
Nepal is considered safe for volunteers, but it's essential to research and follow safety guidelines provided by your program.

5. Can I combine trekking or tourism with volunteering in Nepal?
Yes, many volunteer programs offer opportunities to explore Nepal's stunning landscapes during your free time.

While you come to HWC  for volunteer opportunities in Nepal, You would have two bedrooms on the second floor of the house. There are two single beds in each bedroom. Volunteers will be sharing the room with one other volunteer of the same gender. Volunteers are requested to keep room clean. 

We serve 3 vegetarian meals a day. Breakfast is served between 8-9am, lunch between 1-2pm and dinner between 6-7pm. For breakfast we serve a fruit salad, beans, bread and tea. for lunch we serve rice, dal, and 3 different vegetable. for dinner we serve noddle's and soup most of the time.

Contact us

Our partner and past volunteer Regina Jakob from Switzerland will contact you within few days.