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Get to know the Human Welfare Committee team who work every day to ensure that the children have a safe and supporting environment to grow up and that the women involved are empowered.

Tenzing gurung 
founder & director

Tenzing had lived 11 years as a monk in a Buddhist monastery. He left his monk life in order to find his own purpose in life. Being touched by the neediness of families affected by the 2015 earthquake, he founded the HWC to help children and single mothers. Besides his work as director, he pursues a spiritual life and gives yoga and meditation teachings. 

Buddha Tamang
House keeping & child care

Buddha is a single mother of two grown-ups. She worked in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia for a total of 6 years as a house keeper. Returning to Kathmandu, she is happy to have found work in the HWC as a house keeper. She loves the children dearly and takes care of them as if they were their own.

Samiksha limbu
Cooking & Baking teacher, HOuse Keeping

Samiksha is from Ilam, a beautiful region in Nepal known for its tea plantations. She is mother of a boy. As the cooking and baking teacher of HWC, Samiksha takes responsible for leading cooking and baking classes. Besides this, she also helps Buddha with house keeping and child care. 

Aastha mulepati 
women empowerment manager

Aastha Mulepati studies IT in Kathmandu.  she takes on a lot of responsibilities in the HWC. As women empowerment manager she organizes women empowerment programs. This includes organizing the cooking class, culture exchange program, handicraft training, bakery training and selling handicrafts in market.  

Tara Tamang
Handicrafts Trainer

Tara is a single mother of two boys and lives near to the HWC. She has been working for us since several years. As the handicraft trainer, Tara is responsible for leading handicraft training courses. She is also responsible for creating new designs and selling in weekly markets.

Muriel grundbacher
Ambassador & Fundraiser
Bright future nepal, switzerland

Since her volunteer stay with the HWC in 2017, Muriel has been supporting us in various ways. As a board member of Bright Future Nepal, she takes responsible for fundraising and developing networks. This includes leading the association in Switzerland, communication and administrative tasks and conducting fundraising activities.

Ambassador & Fundraiser  
Bright future nepal, switzerland

Having fallen in love with Nepal as a young woman, Regina rediscovered her love for the country and its people in her stay in the HWC in 2019. Together with Muriel and Sarah, she leads the association Bright Future Nepal in Switzerland. There, Regina takes responsible for fundraising, e.g. planning events and fundraising activities. 

Besides our team in Kathmandu, we are happy to receive support from national and international volunteers. Without their valuable time, engagement and resources, it would be hard to continue the HWC programmes. Thank you!