Women's Empowerment Programs in Nepal

Women's Empowerment programs is one of the major project of Human welfare committee. The aim of the Women's Empowerment programs is to make them financially independent women in the community by: providing skill training and job opportunities. Nepalese girls are born into a patriarchal society where gender differences are strongly emphasized. This restricts women's freedom in many areas of life. High illiteracy rates, low life expectancy and economic dependency are some of the consequences of discrimination against women in Nepal. In particular, single mothers who are affected by poverty face great challenges. They struggle to provide their children with basic necessities such as food, shelter and education.

Our Women's Empowerment programs addresses these issues by offering such women skills training, education and work opportunities. Currently, the HWC is offering training on jewelry making, cooking and baking. Currently eleven women are working on Women's Empowerment programs under the HWC. The HWC is also soon planning to train women as tourist guides and salespersons on Women's Empowerment programs. Through the skills they learn, combined with the subsequent job opportunities, the women can become more financially independent and thus offer their children a dignified future.

Currently, the jewelry making program in particular is well developed. Four women are involved in the Women's Empowerment programs and come two days a week to the organization for the part-time job opportunity. The jewelry is sold on markets and through online channels in Nepal as well as through the association "Bright Future Nepal" in Switzerland.

Recently, the Swiss association "Bright Future Nepal" fundraised to support our Women's Empowerment programs. We already have started teaching the women baking and cooking in the past months by ourselves. Since March 2023, we hired a professional baking teacher who gives
regular training to unprivileged women in the HWC.

Handicrafts training

We started our Women's Empowerment programs  on 2019 with jewelry making training. Since then, we have trained over 50 women in making simple handicrafts e.g. bracelets, earrings, necklaces and keyrings. Nowadays, we organize jewelry trainings every second month for a week. 

Bakery training

In February 2023, We started bakery training in our Women's Empowerment programs. The first training was for three months and ten women participated. Nowadays, we organize bakery training programme once every second month for a week.

cooking training

We started to provide cooking trainings in 2020. Since then, we had trained over 20 women in cooking Nepali foods. Nowadays, we organize Nepali cooking class with foreign guest lead by our neplai trained women. There is Nepali cooking class every monday, tuesday and wednesday.

Job opportunity

We not only offer training, we also offer many different jobs for women. We offer jobs in
in the following fields : Nepali cooking class, Jewelry making and Jewelry selling in the weekly markets. Currently there are three women working for us in the cooking class. Five women work for jewelry making, Three women sell jewelry in the weekly market.

Awareness program

Awareness program is part of our women's empowerment programs. We organize many different kind of awareness programs. Our awareness program includes women rights, menstrual hygiene, environment care, business opportunities and more. We organize awareness program once in three month. 

Culture Exchange program

 Our cultural exchange program  part of the Women's Empowerment Programs. With this program we want our women to meet new people and open up with them. We want they practice English and share their culture, feeling and opinion. We want our women to listen other culture and experiences. There will be Buffet brunch made by our Nepali women. We welcome everyone